June 2024 Updates @ Looking Glass ☀️

June 2024 Updates @ Looking Glass ☀️

Hey everyone, it's Reid here delivering you the June Updates for everything Looking Glass! TLDR: I'm new here but you'll get to know me, LG is at AWE again, and our community creatives are keeping us inspired!

Before we get started, let me introduce myself: I'm Reid - I'm new to the team here at Looking Glass. It's been a very exciting week for me getting up to speed with everyone and every thing, and I promise you'll start hearing from me a lot more soon :)

Nikki tells me she last left you off during a month full of events and big launches. I'm happy to share June is going to be no exception — the team is keeping busy, getting ready for something AWE-some, and bouncing  from coast to coast. Let me be the first to fill you in ↓

Hello, sunny California - Looking Glass is back at AWE!

See you there?

Are you coming to the biggest XR event this year? Thousands of people like creators, developers, tech lovers, and curious minds alike are joining. If so, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to experience a new dimension over at our booth #808!

We'll be showcasing our new range of spatial displays for the first time. That’s right, from the table-top Looking Glass Go to the 32” Spatial Displays, you can be among the first in the world to experience the magic of our all new lineup. You won't want to miss it 🤓✨

This is awe-some, because we've had some of our favorite memories take place at AWE. To celebrate, we took a trip down memory lane with a new blog post looking back at our history with AWE. It goes all the way back to our very first appearance in 2018 — can you believe it’s already been SIX years? Embark on a nostalgic journey and relive those special moments here :)

Can't make it?

We’ll be posting frequent updates all over our social media channels, so make sure you’re following along to stay tuned! LinkedIn, Instagram, X 📸

Ellie MacQueen and Creating Digital Art Across Time

At the end of May, we had the chance to sit down and chat with the creative technologist behind our beloved Liteform, Android Andi. In this interview, we learned all about how embracing the third dimension has pushed Ellie to grow as an artist and a creative technologist. It’s an inspiring piece about digital art right now and the future. Give it a read and follow the talented Ellie MacQueen on their journey!

Lady Tech Guild Eclipsing Our Hearts <3

We recently had the honor of hosting Lady Tech Guild for their quarterly meeting at our Greenpoint lab. At the meeting, we had the chance to highlight artist Ashley Zelinskie’s incredible hologram artwork from the total eclipse earlier this year all the whilst introducing Looking Glass technology to some inspiring leaders across the tech industry.

We have a fun little Reel you can watch here :)
Hey, side note: If you / your organization are in New York and are curious about curating a walkthrough of your own and want to see some of these displays in person, we are open to group demos on a case-by-case basis and are happy to bring more people through the Looking Glass whenever we can. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in, and we’ll see what we can do!
📧: future@lookingglassfactory.com

Celebrating Creative Community Creations

Some cool things that have come across our desks since we’ve last touched based, check them out! ↓↓

  • Masuji, a Looking Glass Portrait, and an iPhone

Looking Glass Community Member out of Japan, Masuji (@spmaker), unraveled the ability to showcase those cinematic videos taken on your iPhone directly on a Looking Glass Portrait. It's pretty magical stuff, see it in action here! 🔮

  • Holographic AI Liteforms helping out at the Global XR Forum

In late May, another super cool creation from the Looking Glass Community came about. Mike McCready (@MikeMcCready) brought their very own Liteform, Sandra, to life! Sandra, a helpful holographic AI assistant, made their debut appearance at the Global XR Forum at Lethbridge College in Canada. How neat is that? 😍

Well, this was fun!

I am looking forward to digging deeper into everything at Looking Glass and fully immersing myself into this new dimension. Thanks for your scrolling all the way down to here <3 chat soon!

Your newest pal,


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