AWE through the years

AWE through the years

Can you believe it? A full six years has flown by since our first AWE in 2018. Those were the days when we were young, wild, and free. I remember it like it was yesterday. Janet, our current comms lead, had just started at the company as community & events coordinator, and this was her baptism by fire.

We had also just created the first Looking Glass dev kits, pre-release, and this was the moment of truth—the first time we were unveiling these devices to the world.

And by these devices, I really mean the only devices in existence.

Picture this: we had a grand total of three prototypes on the planet, and we bring them all. (I won't spill the beans here, but let's just say we had a little mishap involving a dropped and cracked device on the show floor. But that's a story for another time :)

AWE holds a very special place in our hearts.

It's our go-to spot for launching products, showcasing first prototypes, and we know that when we show up at AWE with our hearts brimming with things to share, the community there gives back a hundredfold.

Our massive 20 x 20 booth in 2019

In 2019, we made a splash with our massive 20 x 20 booth a private holographic light field photo booth. I haven't fact-checked this, but it must have been one of the first holographic photo booths of its kind. Mark my words: holographic photo archives of the future will be overflowing with spatial snaps from that year.

That year, we had set up some standalone demos across the Santa Clara convention center, and we hit a few snags.

Mind Kyle's language but he's right! The stolen NUC computer & Looking Glass were never recovered.

Despite those snags, the team left AWE that year with our hearts full. We went on to win our second Auggie Award (Best Input or Output Hardware)! Our successful momentum continued the following year when we introduced our 8K Immersive Display and became back to back to back Auggie winners, solidifying AWE's special place in our hearts.

Speaking of launches, AWE returned in fully glory post-pandemic in 2022 and we took the opportunity to return to one of our favorite shows to launch Blocks, a sharing platform that simplifies the delivery of 3D media & content across devices with a single embed or link.

It goes without saying that our technology needs to be seen to believed and how lucky are we that at least once a year (and now, with many satellite events happening across the world), we are able to show off our products for a community that holds a special place in our hearts.

I'll never forget the moment we showed the first Looking Glass at the very first AWE in 2018, right after Shawn introduced the Looking Glass dev kit for the first time. The instant he finished, a swarm of people engulfed the stage, and it took at least 20 minutes for him to emerge from the throng.

Spatial displays may be commonplace now, but back in 2018, it felt like we were part of a tiny microcosm of people who believed in 3D beyond the headset—something that could be showcased at conferences (just like AWE!) without demanding too much from its guests.

I'm thrilled to announce that we'll be back at AWE this year, showcasing some of our latest 16" and 32" Spatial Displays and, for those who haven't seen it yet, the Looking Glass Go! It'll also be the first year the show is not at the Santa Clara Convention Center, so we'll report back on how that goes.

For those attending, we can't wait to see you. Make sure to swing by our booth to snag some special edition stickers—available exclusively at AWE.

Holographically yours,