Looking Glass Community Soundbites!

Looking Glass Community Soundbites!

1. Gotta Catch em All in 3D

Twitter users @IhaveShakyhands and @tacolamp (speaking on our AWE Panel November 11th) and have been working on a Pokédex! For collectible art and true fandom, what better than holograms you can sync to a personal display?

2. Holo-Molecules

Carus Lau is making 3D Science models fun using his Looking Glass Portrait. Check out this amazing model using UCSF ChimeraX, a next-generation molecular visualization program.

3. Real-Time Unity Vibes

We were stunned to see this amazing real-time Unity render of a forrest scene by Twitter user @KeJyunwu.

4. One thing about good holograms is when they hit...

...you feel no pain. 🎶 This incredible quilt video stopped us in our tracks when it was posted in our Discord. Watch the video here, or better download the quilt yourself to see what we mean.

5. Interactive Holograms

Kevin Ang (speaking on our Augmented World Expo Panel November 11th) once again is coming through with something unexpected. In a recent experiment he used an Ultra Leap, Gravity Sketch, and a Looking Glass Portrait to create a virtual app to elicit real emotions. 🐥

Stay tuned for more roundups! Want to share your Looking Glass Holograms? Drop us a line at future@lookingglassfactory.com or tag us in a Tweet! @LKGGlass

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