Getting Started with ParaView in 5 Steps

Getting Started with ParaView in 5 Steps

ParaView is open-source scientific visualization software that enables scientists to analyze data generated on the world’s largest supercomputers from their PC. In partnership with Kitware, one of ParaView's major contributors, the software can now speak directly to Looking Glass—making it dramatically easier to examine data in 3D.

If you’re looking to leverage the convenience of our holographic display technology with ParaView’s data visualization power, here’s how you get started:

1. Download HoloPlay Service
HoloPlay Service is our essential software that facilitates communication between your computer and any connected Looking Glass. You must have HoloPlay Service installed to run any applications in a Looking Glass display.

2. Download the Latest Version of ParaView
Access the nightly version of ParaView here.

3. Launch ParaView
Once ParaView is open, find the Manage Plugins option under the Tools menu. Click Load Looking Glass. To keep this load selected, check Auto Load. You should see the Looking Glass tools open.

4. Download Example Data
You can download some example data files on our site. Once unzipped, load the data into your project using the Load State option.

5. Adjust Rendering Settings
Once your visualization is open (using the Load State option). Then, select Render Active View on LookingGlass in the Looking Glass tools. Be sure to set rendering to Always to view 3D visualizations in real time. You an also control your camera view, scale, and rotation using your mouse.

Now you’re all set! Head over to our website to access the latest version of ParaView. Interested in 3D Slicer too? Sign up on our website to be the first to know when the Looking Glass integration is available!

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