May 2024 Updates 🌊 BCON LA & DisplayWeek Recap and a BIG launch

May 2024 Updates 🌊 BCON LA & DisplayWeek Recap and a BIG launch

Hi everyone! Nikki here with this (and partially last) month's Looking Glass updates. TLDR: lots of events and a BIG launch (literally).

BCON LA + Display Week

We said this last month as well but it's been events, events, and more events.

The month started off with BCON LA— their first on this side of the Atlantic. We met a ton of artists— friends and generally people we admire in the community. We also got to demonstrate the magic of conversational AI characters with Liteforms representative Android Andi (made in Blender by artist Ellie Macqueen), acting as concierge du jour for BCON attendees.

More in greater length and detail in this blog post by Arturo, who represented as both Looking Glass Community Manager and Android Andi's handler for this two day event under the LA sun.

Android Andi at BCON LA '24

A week after that, Shawn joined Futurespaces on an online webinar Taking Spatial Beyond the Headset. You can watch the full recording below to dive into what we're thinking the industry looks like two 𝙖𝙣𝙙 20 years down the road

And to top it off, a few of us in the crew hopped off to San Jose to attend DisplayWeek, where the true crème de la crème of all display nerds enthusiasts came together to talk all things, well, you guessed it: displays. Here are some photos from the show:

Photos at DisplayWeek. 📸 Sri Peruvemba

Looking Glass 16" & 32" Spatial Displays

Yes! Just a week ago today, we announced the launch of our next generation 16" and 32" displays. It's a launch that finally completes our full line up of next-generation spatial displays, following the Looking Glass Go launch back in December last year (which are shipping later this June)! These new displays give a large, immersive visual field that allow multiple people to look at a 3D scene at the same time, much like all of our displays that have come before, and now with a sleeker design and lightweight form factor.  

Over the last few years, we've seen a lot of Looking Glass customers use our larger displays across a wide range of industries & applications— and with much feedback, we've also heard customers asking for the portrait orientation- which we're delighted to finally be releasing and shipping out starting this summer

"Looking Glass makes trippy-looking mixed-reality screens that make things look 3D without the need of special glasses" — Tech Crunch

Playlist Functionality

 In case you haven't logged into your Blocks account for a while (or ever!), we've been making incremental improvements and just a few months ago, we introduced the playlist functionality, allowing you to add any holograms into a curated playlist to share and have run automagically on your Looking Glass displays. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think! 

 P.S. if you missed the memo, Blocks is also where you can upload any 2D photo and have it convert into 3D using our magical depth conversion tools. 

Like this photo of a cat.

Wanting to get started with a holographic display of your own? Browse our lineup of holographic displays today and see which one fits your holographic lifestyle :)

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