Looking Glass Web XR Library: Web Devs, Welcome to the Future

The evolution of web.

From the beginning, imagination has ruled the internet. Communities of innovative developers, artists, and creators of all streaks continually expand the boundaries of what is possible online. 

But every few years, that steady expansion of the possible takes a dramatic leap—a hardware leap. Groundbreaking hardware innovations redefine what can be experienced on the web, setting lofty new possibilities for web creators in the process. 

Today, web developers become hologram creators.

The advent of the personal computer created the notion of the novel web experience. The mobile revolution turned everyone into a content creator. VR and AR headsets enabled the creation of mind-expanding, immersive experiences. And now, holographic displays are bringing 3D web experiences into the real world. 

Making web-based 3D possible. 

It’s no small feat that we’re able to access the web from any piece of connected hardware, be it a laptop, a smartphone, or a smart fridge. Intentional web standards are the backbone that holds this all in place, delivering the precise specifications each device’s browser must meet. Today, Looking Glass is excited to bring holographic displays into the web landscape. 

The Looking Glass WebXR Library leverages the previous work of pioneering web developers, using the existing WebXR API to access 3D libraries that already live online. For the first time, these 3D scenes can be experienced in the fullest fidelity, in a holographic display. 

Simply import the Looking Glass WebXR library, adjust your camera settings, and watch your scene render onto the Looking Glass. We’ve tested Looking Glass WebXR with Three.JS, Babylon.JS and PlayCanvas;  any project built with these libraries can be made into a hologram simply by adding two lines of code. 

 If you have your own 3D framework, try it out—there’s a good chance that’ll work too!

This is just the beginning.

Looking Glass is the hologram company. We’re developing the 3D future and enabling immersive 3D experiences today with our suite of group-viewable holographic displays. Welcome to the shift from 2D to 3D.