Join our team. Seeking Community Manager.

Do You Community?

Are you a talkative lover of tomorrow who looks forward to nothing more than organizing an afternoon of filming volumetric home movies of cats in Greenpoint? A jack of all trades, a renaissance (wo)man, an inventor of self toasting bread or speaker of arcane languages, a multi-hyphenate who yearns to create a future-for-the-people, with a dash of magic? If you answered a resounding “YES!” to all of the above, we want to work with you.

Here is where you will work. Here are also some of the people you will be working with. #nofilter

Who are we?

We’re Looking Glass, and we’re chasing the dream of the hologram, baby. Armed with a new category of technologies that enable groups of people to interact with 3D content without VR/AR headgear or 3D glasses, we are creating an innately social bridge between the real world and digital space. i.e., we make technologies that are great for parties.

One of the first volumetric print prototypes, a relic of the past that paved the way for the future.

We’ve been frying up photons since 2014 and have since successfully launched some weirdly wonderful products including these volumetric prints and the beloved L3D Cubes that are currently sold at places like the MoMA Store in NYC and the National Gallery of Art in D.C. For the past three years, we’ve built a reputation as magic makers of truly unusual technological oddities and we don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Our inventions must be seen to be believed, and that’s where you — dear builder of communities — comes in.

Mama, we made it! In MoMA’s Spring 2016 Catalogue!

Our secret weapon is sharing our work. We’re looking for a builder of communities to take that sharing and collaboration to the next level.

You will be responsible for building our small (but strong) community in Brooklyn and on the interwebs into a group you would long to be a part of if you were looking in from a side window. You will ensure our work gets maximum exposure, likewise taking care to ensure feedback and metrics on reaction/adoption get back to the company so we can adjust and evolve.

  • You are based in Brooklyn or NYC, and are keen on the idea of working out of an old glass factory at the edge of Greenpoint.
  • You will bring Volume + other prototypes to Meetups around the city with the goal of exposing people to this new technology, pulling the right people into longer partnerships and to generally understand how people are reacting and using this new technology.
  • You will host Bi-weekly Meetups at our Greenpoint lab (or wherever else you see fit) with the aim of bringing together 3D creators and collaborators. You will be responsible for organizing and running these Meetups.
  • You will document your experiences with other people interacting with Volume and write about them on our blog (right here!)
  • You will be adept in the technical workings of giving a product demo. This includes a very basic understanding of Unity3D (how it works & how to do simple troubleshooting) and other similar software programs. You will also be able to understand all the hardware components that make up our products so to speak on behalf of them at Meetups, demos & other conferences you attend.
  • You will successfully expand the influence of Looking Glass within New York without needing much supervision, meaning, you will be comfortable working alone to deliver results without having to “check-in” daily. Freedom is a gift, you must know how to use it wisely.
  • You know how to read people and know what motivates them to react to Volume (and our other products) the way they do. You will report these findings in a way of your choosing and analyze them in a way that helps the team better further product-market fit. Let your empathy become telepathy. Your efforts will be crucial in helping Looking Glass determine the path ahead as prototypes become products in the wider marketplace.

This position is based in Brooklyn, NY.

You must have had 3+ years of work experience with building communities around art, artists, or technologies.

Is this position Full-Time? Oh yeah. We are a highly driven group which means we do work at an unusually intense level. But we’re really, really fun.

All interested candidates can email [email protected] with “Community!” as the subject header. Bonus points to going into detail on your favorite artists, invention, or infomercial.

Posted — January 17, 2017