Introducing: Image to Hologram on Blocks

Just over a year ago, we introduced Blocks— a sharing platform that simplifies the delivery of 3D media & content across devices with a single embed or link. Whether on your phone, computer, headset or Looking Glass, the format was created as a window into a three-dimensional universe. 

Since then, our user base has grown significantly and with 6,000+ holograms uploaded later — we’ve been thinking a lot about the next chapter. What happens next? What can we do to make it faster and easier for anyone to create and share holograms on the internet?

Blocks has always been the best way to share holograms on the internet, and today we are announcing something of dimensional proportions: the lifting of the Blocks beta and the release of our very own image to hologram conversion service.

Image to Hologram: re-experiencing things in 3D.

Looking back on the early days of the internet, where static 2D images dominated our screens, to dynamic GIFs that added a touch of life, and now to Blocks making holograms commonplace, it's clear that we're on the cusp of a 3D revolution — developments in AI, ML and NeRFs notwithstanding.  

The progression from 2D to 3D content isn't merely a technological step forward; it's a transformation in how we perceive and interact with digital content. Just as we all now naturally expect videos to playback with a single click (8-year-old me would be shocked), we're venturing into a decade where 3D will be the expected default dimension. 

This is why I’m extra excited to share that with Blocks coming out of beta, we’ll also be letting you all in on our very own image to hologram conversion service. This feature, built from the ground up on Blocks, allows for seamless uploading and sharing of holograms from any single 2D image. Whether that’s an image dreamed up in Midjourney using generative AI, a recent snap from your scuba diving trip at the Great Barrier Reef or a cute picture of your fluffiest friend: upload it and see it in 3D — in your browser, or even better, as a hologram in your Looking Glass.

This feature is still in its early days but we’re excited about what this means for the future of holographic sharing. We envision a world where anyone can easily transform their favorite images into mesmerizing holograms with just a few clicks and I can’t wait for you to try it. 

All new and existing users will receive 20 free image conversions every month starting today and with this service built natively on Blocks, it makes sharing images as holograms on all browsers, across all devices, easier than ever before.

The leap from flat to multidimensional will redefine our experiences, making them more immersive, tactile, and closer to reality. And with the introduction of this brand new image to hologram feature, we're not just predicting this future; we're actively sculpting it. 

Blocks: What else is new?

Now that we’re officially out of beta, here are few additional things we’ve added over the last year: 

  • Direct integration with Looking Glass displays - while anyone can use Blocks without a Looking Glass, we recommend using one for the best experience because users can cast their holograms directly to Looking Glass displays from within the browser.
  • Enhanced privacy features* - We totally get the importance of privacy and have implemented new privacy features to ensure that your holograms remain secure and confidential.
  • Downloadable holograms* - Make your holograms downloadable by other users. This enables easy sharing, collaboration, and syncing to your Looking Glass displays. 
  • Improved onboarding - To help guide new users in exporting formats compatible with Blocks, we've implemented a user-friendly onboarding experience that guides you through the process step-by-step.
  • Curated discovery page - Discover the latest and greatest holograms on a refreshed newly curated homepage, carefully selected by our team.

Thank you to our early testers who shared feedback. We can’t wait to make this the home for your holograms on the internet. We spent the last 10 years refining how to create holograms with our hardware displays and software plugins, we’re invested in how holograms are shared — between friends, family, and ultimately, with the world at large. This is more than just the next step; it's a monumental leap forward in the evolution of digital expression.

Convert some holograms now by logging into / signing up at

We can’t wait to meet you and your holograms soon. 


p.s. Some existing Blocks features in this preview period will eventually live behind a paid subscription. All new and existing users will continue receiving 20 free image to hologram conversions a month.