Creator Highlight: Jake Adams / Valholo

Visual Artist and Lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology's Interactive Games & Media Department, Jake Adams is the creator of the first digital holographic comic (holo-comic) and founder of Valholo an XR and digital holographic studio. Jake holds an MS in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh and a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

He is a practicing artist, illustrator, developer, creative technologist and educator. 

Emanating from a fine arts background, Jake's visual skills coupled with programming and asset production have allowed him to become a versatile artist and educator. His studio creates volumetric and holographic content for Looking Glass and other emergent tech companies. He is also a course instructor with the International School of Holography.

Jake specializes in painting, interactive illustration, 3D asset production, design and installation art. 

Within everything he creates no matter the medium or design, Jake is acutely aware of the social dynamic it imparts. His work brings awareness to space in relation to the body alongside disparate social ideals. In tandem, his work promotes unity and convergence by way of universal archetypes and phenomenological artifacts created by hand. All of it, is translated into an interactive structure or production with the hopes of making the intangible more tangible. 

Notable Links

  • Support Jake by downloading Aphid Through the Looking Glass on here
  • Sign up for Jake's "Art through the Looking Glass" course here
  • Buy a Looking Glass and get 10% off with Jake's link here