The Vision Behind the Looking Glass

The Vision Behind the Looking Glass

As we get closer to our announcement on December 2nd, we will bit-by-bit be dropping small clues about what’s to come. If you want to be one of the first to know what we’re cooking up, sign up for the announcement at LOOK.GLASS/DEC2.

In the 2002 film Minority Report, we witnessed a fictionalized version of the future where holograms weren’t just used to facilitate some top-secret communication between foreign secret service entities or mapping an attack on a Death Star, but to do an enhanced version of what we already do today: reliving cherished moments with the people we love.

Over the years there have been scattered instances of this in the real world. From Tupac’s posthumous Coachella performance in 2012, to Kanye West’s birthday gift to Kim Kardashian last month. It’s clear that seeing a holographic representation of someone you love strikes a different emotional chord than a flatter two-dimensional version.

While we here at Looking Glass Factory get excited over almost every instance of holograms in films, our vision for the future has always primarily included reliving memories and finding new ways to connect with the people we love.

We're finally seeing that future begin to take shape.

There are a number of companies and individuals chasing this dream, and one day it will be possible for someone to holographically appear as if they were actually there with you.

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