RECAP: AWE Nite - Holograms for Your Business

RECAP: AWE Nite - Holograms for Your Business

Holograms hold incredible potential for businesses in nearly every market, from allowing doctors to help patients visualize an upcoming procedure, to allowing you and your team to view renderings of your project in 3D together, without the confusion and hassle of glasses. Relive a very special AWE Nite with us and learn how holograms are taking care of business.

What's new with Gen2?

Now that we've revealed Looking Glass 4K Gen2 and Looking Glass 8K Gen2, the family that began with Looking Glass Portrait is now complete. These interfaces are here to stay and to change the way we live and work with 3D—whether for work or play. Let's take a closer look at them, shall we?

Looking Glass 4K Gen2

Whether working individually or in groups, Looking Glass 4K Gen2 is the ultimate 3D companion for 3D professionals and companies alike.

This 15.6" 4K resolution display fits right in with the rest of the tools you are used to working with, enabling you to view three-dimensional content from the comfort of your desk. Simply connect your display to your desktop or laptop, and your 2D screen comes to life instantly in a distortion-free 1:1 scale holographic three-dimensional view.

With Looking Glass 4K Gen2 on your desk, amazing 3D holograms are a mere head-turn away.

Compared to the previous generation, the latest 4K Gen2 boasts:

  • Improved optics with a slightly bigger view cone allowing more people to gather around the same display to view the same 3D content.
  • Higher perceived resolution which will certainly make your work stand out in a crowd.
  • Block-less →  lighter →  easier to carry around. Holograms with you everyone, on-the-go.
  • and most importantly, added standalone playback for the 4K Gen2  means that you no longer have to worry about bringing around a separate computer just to showcase holograms. All of that can happen from the comfort of a single holographic display.

Looking Glass 8K Gen2

Looking Glass 8K Gen2 is the world's highest-resolution holographic interface that allows for multiple viewers to see holographic content at the same time. Coming in at a whopping 32" & 8K resolution, this 3D display was specially made to showcase unbelievably lifelike holograms to groups of people, without the need for VR/AR headsets. Need an immersive experience? Look no further than the Looking Glass 8K Gen2. When holograms need to be larger than life, there's only one display for the job. Learn more about the future of 3D for enterprises here.

We're so thrilled to finally share with you what we've been working on over the past year and a half. We were so excited to share with you the first of the Gen2 lineup back in December with Looking Glass Portrait but we're even more stoked to introduce the whole family of next generation displays. Please let us know if you have any questions at all by writing us at

As always, to the future!

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