Bye Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ Flat Photography

Bye Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ Flat Photography

With the arrival of Looking Glass Portrait, your photos will never feel flat again.

We've covered how a Portrait Mode photo can become a hologram in Looking Glass Portrait but what if you're a photographer who just wants to view single shots in 3D?

If you can take a photo, you can make a hologram.

Soon after we announced Looking Glass Portrait, we revealed a cloud-based service that will generate a high-fidelity depth map from any 2D photo. That means if you're like me, and your iPhone doesn't take Portrait mode photos, there's still an easy way to make and view 3D photos.

When we began converting photos we knew right away that pictures of people would work well. We were also curious about how far we could push the limits, so we pulled a few photos from various photographers on Unsplash to see how their 2D captures would look as 3D photos in Looking Glass Portrait.

If you're a nature photographer who just wants to shoot flowers, you'll still feel butterflies when you see your own shots in 3D. Photo by Ryan Carpenter.

Are you more of an eagle-eyed shutterbug? Then wet your beak with this beautiful bird shot by Chris Charles.

If you've been following us for a while, you know we love 3D cat photos. Shot by Karina Vorozheeva.

We weren't sure how this photo by Luca Bravo was going to turn out, but it really made waves with our team. ย 

The future of photography is indeed bright, and we're making sure that no photo gets left behind. We're going to keep testing and converting pictures we find, so expect some more 3D photos from us soon!

If you haven't pre-ordered Looking Glass Portrait yet, you still can at Interested in a sneak peek at what the experience will be like? Look no future than this hands-on review by Jeremy Horowitz for VentureBeat:

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