Gallery: SELF (Portrait) Hackathon

Gallery: SELF (Portrait) Hackathon

Last month we took two days off from our regularly scheduled program to hold a company-wide hackathon with Looking Glass Portrait to preview the creation experience.

Enjoy this collection of some of our first holograms in Looking Glass Portrait. Our theme was "SELF", so get ready to see some incredibly personal holograms!

Brittany's 3D puppy portrait

Inspired by the user-friendly interface of the Portrait, Brittany made a video of her dog taking a holographic selfie using Diorama. Interestingly, her dog was able to recognize himself when he was in front of the Portrait.  It was intended to show how effortless it is for someone to make a hologram even without any prior knowledge.

Nikki's holographic Animal Crossing selfies

I did some light field captures my character self in Animal Crossing— reviving something that I did at the start of the pandemic. There are still some weird artifact issues I want to fix and I think I need to experiment with faster swings and less sweeping so that's something I want to improve on. And UGH! If only my stupid character would stop wiggling.

Missy's digital DJ experience

I made a mix for a show happening this week and wanted to experiment with what it might look like making a Virtual DJ set that would play on others' Looking Glass' when they tuned in. I experimented with 3D scanning devices and tried to make a world that you could interact with to the music. I can imagine if you set up mo-cap to your custom made avatar or 3D scanned avatar, this would be dope to do live. I was inspired by the DJ sets done live in GTA V last month.

Nitin's holiday holograms, including a jolly (s)elf portrait

I took some portrait mode photos of decorations from around the house to see how miniature items and metallic objects look in the Looking Glass Portrait. Since depth maps are just grey scale images, I realized you can have a lot of fun customizing the 3D effect if you want to send hidden messages.

Alvin's 3D "dog"

Made with Stereo Photo Maker by Masuji Suto

Max's holographic memories

I used a bunch of pictures that had been shot on iPhone XS because I was curious to see what my existing catalogue would look like on a display they were not shot for.

It's my cat because that's what I take pictures of.

Though this was an initial playtest, we couldn't be more excited about the coming future of personal holograms. If you haven't already, do future-you a favor and pre-order Looking Glass Portrait at

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