Blending 2D and 3D with Dedouze

Blending 2D and 3D with Dedouze

Meet self-taught illustrator Andry Rasoahaingo, also known as Dedouze on the interwebs.

His signature blue and pink retro-styled animations explore stories inspired by his own life, using tools like Blender to create scenes that effortlessly combine 2D and 3D.

Here’s an artist that really understands the value of 3D and yearns to bring that added dimension out into reality. Andry's work inspires us to make it easier to display 3D work in the best and most realistic way possible.

Our coming announcement represents a large leap forward whether you’re a character animator, 3D illustrator, photographer or Unity developer.

We think you’ll like what we have planned for Dec 2nd.

And while you’re marking your calendars, be sure to give Dedouze a follow too!

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