Volograms & The Looking Glass at SIGGRAPH 2019

Volograms & The Looking Glass at SIGGRAPH 2019

Volograms brings reality capture closer to everyone by crafting technology that enables the transformation of real people into volumetric holograms, or Volograms as they like to call them. Volograms seek to blur the line between real and virtual, by enabling creators, brands, and other professionals to take immersive storytelling to the next level.  

It’s important for companies to be able to attract attendees to their space and product at events. Given that SIGGRAPH is one of the most important conferences in the AR/VR/XR field, it can be even more challenging to stand out from a myriad of new technologies. This summer, at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles, Volograms presented a show reel of volumetric assets in a Looking Glass to demonstrate the quality of Volograms and how easily they can be integrated with different platforms.

Volograms at Siggraph 2019 (credit: Volograms)
“The Looking Glass is a very cool and unique piece of hardware: probably the best and easiest way to show volumetric content.”

Being able to display holographic content to entire groups at events not only creates a more compelling viewing experience, it also brings about a degree of efficiency that otherwise would not be possible.

The Looking Glass is the perfect device to show volumetric content: as you don't need to wear a headset or download an app to visualize the content, it is a lot simpler to engage with your audience. If we didn't have the Looking Glass, we would have had to show our volograms either using a VR or AR headset, which slows down the number of demos we can do and, therefore, the potential leads.
Looking Glass Factory Co-founder and CEO Shawn Frayne with the Volograms team at Siggraph 2019

While Volograms uses their own technology to create volumetric assets, they use Unity to render the content, and the HoloPlay Unity SDK to display it on the Looking Glass.

“Showing our content in the Looking Glass took us less than 5 minutes. Load their Unity plugin and immediately start enjoying the content.”
As early Looking Glass users, the team at Volograms has been experimenting since January with a multitude of ways to get live capture into a Looking Glass.

The fact that the Looking Glass supports Unity projects and simultaneous group viewing made it the ideal device for displaying content for Volograms over HMD or mobile AR devices.

“The Looking Glass is the perfect medium for volumetric video: just one glance at it and you understand it.”

Volograms is a technology startup on a mission to bring reality capture closer to everyone. Volograms' technology blurs the lines between virtual and real using a set of videos taken from different viewpoints and transforming them into volumetric holograms aka volograms.

Volograms is based in Dublin, Ireland. For more information, you can visit their website here or follow them on Twitter here.

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