The Looking Glass at Sausalito Arts Festival 2019

The Looking Glass at Sausalito Arts Festival 2019

Each year 30,000 people descend on Sausalito, California on Labor Day weekend for the annual Sausalito Arts Festival. It's already one of the most prestigious open-air events in the US, and this year they raised their remarkable standard for innovative mixed media art by introducing the Art Tech Pavilion.

The first ever Art Tech Pavilion was orchestrated by Skaddadle, a creative development studio which conceptualizes, designs, and executes campaigns, events, and original content that effectively engage target audiences.  By showcasing art through new technologies, the Art Tech Pavilion added a new layer of modernity to the sixty-seven-year-old event.

Attendees to the Art Tech Pavilion were invited to interact with holographic work from Marpi Studio and Kevin Ang. Their compelling work brought a diverse cast of folks to gather around their creations brought to life inside Looking Glasses.

With the goal of the Art Tech Pavilion being to showcase the depth and breadth of the current possibilities of art through new technology, it made the Looking Glass the choice device to feature.

“The Looking Glass was a standout and immediately approachable in a room of flat screens, headsets, and handheld controls.”

- Lisa Kolb, Sausalito Art Festival Art Tech Director/Curator

"Algae" by Marpi Studio at Sausalito Arts Festival 2019

It's become quite normal for innovate technology presentations to feature work in some form of headset or 2D screen, and in a room like that, a holographic display does more than standout, it invites viewers in. The ability to display holographic artwork in a Looking Glass enables crowds of people to experience the same technology at the same time. The creates an environment that is both cutting edge and communal.

A child interacting with "Algae"

“The Looking Glass appeal was across all ages and demographics - people just loved it! It was an easy way to bring the visitors in to immediately experience art through technology without having to put on a headset.”

- Lisa Kolb, Sausalito Art Festival Art Tech Director/Curator

The Sausalito Art Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious open-air art events in the country, setting the standard for quality, variety, innovation, and scope of artistry for more than 60 years. Proceeds from the annual Festival support Bay Area arts and community non-profits through grants, artist awards, and scholarships. Through this support, the Festival makes a significant investment in the future of its community, totaling over $1,000,000 in recent years.

For more information, you can visit their website here and follow them on twitter here.

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