Turning Research into Reality with the Looking Glass

Turning Research into Reality with the Looking Glass

Right now in R&D spaces all over the world, innovators are struggling with over-complicated 3D display systems. These systems may only allow for one viewer at a time, can require a lot of set-up, or are otherwise unfit for daily use.

Schrödinger, the industry leaders in drug discovery, adopted our holographic display technology and found it to be the solution to all of those problems and more.

"The main advantage of Looking Glass is just how seamless it is and that the collaboration is so much easier. You plug it in, you start Maestro and you have it in 3D [in the Looking Glass]. You don’t have to think about it. You can leave it on all the time. You can be working in 2D and all of a sudden say, ‘hey, I wonder what this is like in 3D’ and just turn your head a little bit. That’s transformational."

Pat Lorton, Chief Technology Officer, Schrödinger
Source: Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with the Looking Glass

Our friends at Schrödinger are far from the only ones who've found what they needed in a Looking Glass display. Hear their success stories at our free webinar hosted by Looking Glass Factory co-founder and CEO Shawn Frayne.

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