Shipping update & holographic cats!

Shipping update & holographic cats!

Friends of the future!

Thank you all so much for your patience while we push full steam ahead on production, preparing your shiny new holograms before they make their way across the ocean to your front doorsteps.

👀  Here's a little sneak peek from our demo testing station:

The runtime tests from the future.

Before we cover the fun stuff, there are a few logistics updates to attend to first —

Fulfillment of physical goods

I'm happy to share that there have been no new delays since this last post about the Raspberry Pi 4 shortages. Which means:

  • All reward tiers that had an original ship date of March will start shipping out end of April-May*.
  • All reward tiers that had an original ship date of April will start shipping out out end of May-June*.

(*Note that these ship dates are provided for those of you who were able to fill in your survey by the original deadline. For those who filled them out a little later, you might see some slight delays. If you're not sure when to expect your shipment, message us at

A part of our assembly team in Hong Kong :)

Fulfillment of digital goods

While that covers all things hardware, I also wanted to give a quick update on when we plan on shipping out some of the digital software & licenses.

  • Record3D licenses are scheduled to go out middle of April.
  • Voxatron licenses are scheduled to go out middle of April.
  • Your twenty free 2D → 3D conversions redemption codes are scheduled to go out end of April, coinciding with the first Looking Glass Portrait shipments. All additional, purchased conversion redemptions will ship out shortly after.
  • HoloPlay Studio, Depth Recorder & Diorama (v1.0) are all scheduled to ship end of April. A week ago, we made some updates to the HoloPlay Unity Plugin & 3D Model Importer for Looking Glass Portrait compatibility. You can find those here.

What you might have missed

Looking Glass Portrait Beta

Our early beta testers have gotten us super excited about getting these units to you and it's been so incredible to see what folks have already been creating. If you've been following us on Twitter, you may have already seen Ruben's DAT Portraits or René's volumetric self-portraits, to name just a few.

Pi in the oven

Many of you have also asked what enables Looking Glass Portrait to run standalone. The answer, my friends, is a baked-in (get it?) Raspberry Pi 4. Our Software Architect Evan wrote a post on what this new special ingredient means including answers to some frequently asked questions. Get it while it's hot!

Cats also love holograms

Turns out the shipment box also doubles as a cat bed.
So 3D, even cats can't stop looking.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In the last two months, we've added a number of friendly faces to the team, one in particular you will all get to know well — Bryan, our resident Technical Specialist, here to help with your hologram needs. You'll see Bryan pop up in our documentation, tutorials as well as our Discord channel to guide you - dear community - in your journey to create and share holograms. In that time, we've also welcomed Rohit, Matty, Caleb & Shouvick as new members of the Looking Glass Factory team. That said, there is no "i" in "hologram", we're hiring!

What are some of the first things you'll be doing with your Looking Glass Portrait? Tweet us to share, (we read everything!) and we'll make sure that by the time of shipment, we can prepare the proper tutorials + documentation you need to get started. I hope you're ready. We certainly are.

To the future!

--   💜  Nikki & the entirely wonderfully wonderful Looking Glass Factory team.

ps, if you're not on our Discord server already, you should be.

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