Bring Your Memories to Life

Bring Your Memories to Life

Last year our CEO Shawn Frayne penned a blog post hinting at a near future wherein it would be possible to relive your most cherished memories as holograms in the Looking Glass.

That future is NOW.

Today we are publicly releasing two new software tools that will enable users to seamlessly bring the real world into the Looking Glass:

  • Moments 3D is an iOS app that allows you to easily capture and send Portrait mode photos into a Looking Glass to see them in true 3D. Any Portrait mode photo you have–your vacation last summer, weekend brunch with friends, even that dog you saw on the way to work today–easily relive your favorite memories with Moments 3D (extra dimension included).

Download Moments 3D here.

Looking Glass Factory CEO Shawn Frayne and his family captured with an iPhone X.
  • Depth Media Player is a viewing tool for photo/video content with depth textures. It allows you to import videos from Depthkit and Portrait mode photos from Moments 3D to curate a deeply personal family album like you've never seen before!
Missy in the Looking Glass 8K, captured with an Azure Kinect and processed using Depthkit.

Access the Depth Media Player here.

We’re excited to see the world from your perspective. Share your holographic iPhone captures with the Looking Glass community using the hashtag #Moments3D.

Both of these new tools will be on full display at CES 2020 alongside the new Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display. You can find us at the Seagate exhibit on the 3rd floor of the Venetian. To meet with someone from our team send us a message at

To the future!

UPDATE: Our iOS capture app Moments 3D is live on the App Store. Download it today to make holograms out of your Portrait mode photos.

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