A New Home for Holograms

A New Home for Holograms

For almost seven years, our team here at Looking Glass Factory has been chasing the dream of the hologram relentlessly and we are so excited that starting this month, Looking Glass Portraits are starting to make their way to thousands of doorsteps around the world.

Three years ago, as we shipped out the first desktop units of the Looking Glass 8.9" and 15.6" developer kits, we were so thrilled to find our early community of developers and super-users. Every single customer who has ever reached out to us, with feedback good or bad, we've made sure to incorporate, share and synthesize it into our product development loop. We're now extremely confident that we can spread the word of the hologram—not just with our products (of which we are incredibly proud), but also directly through the community who's been with us throughout this entire journey.

Special shoutout to the Looking Glass Club and our entire Japanese community <3

We've spent the last few months thinking deeply about the users joining our community today and while it might be too early to announce that holographic interfaces are becoming a household necessity, we are also keenly aware that the customers who are onboarding with us now might be someone who's using a holographic display for the first time. Ever.

Thanks to ~100 early beta users who we leaned heavily on to do early testing on all things hardware, software, and overall product, our team has been able to design and launch an extremely considered Onboarding experience and Learn Center for our new users.

Today, I'd like to walk you through what that looks like.

When you unbox your Looking Glass Portrait, you'll get directed to our new onboarding flow which will take you through a series of simple steps to get you set up with your Looking Glass Portrait. While we've written out all the steps you need to know in a physical card that comes with your shipment, we're also exploring different ways (see video) to help someone get set up.

One of the key differences between this product and all its previous generations is that for the first time, you'll be able to unbox and experience your very first holograms without ever connecting to a computer. We've put together a highlight reel of some of our most exemplary holograms, all of which you can get a glimpse of here.

Once you've made it through the onboarding steps, you'll be redirected to our brand new Learn Center - a space where we'll be curating tutorials from both our team and community for you to learn from.

Right now, you'll find that our Learn Center includes a handful of tutorials that walks you through how to create holographic content of your own — from the simple import of an iPhone photo, all the way to creating your first scene with our HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal Engine.

The world is now your holographic oyster.

Feedback is a gift 🎁

In order to prioritize closing the feedback loop between us and the community, we've also been exploring ways in which users better can request features, give us product feedback and report bugs. One of the things that we've wanted to address in the last few years is how we can actively keep users updated on all the different products we're working on. Here's where Canny comes in.

New Holograms Every Week

While you wait for your Looking Glass Portrait displays, we've been tinkering with our own, and suffice to say it's been a magical experience. But what good is magic if you can't share it? Enter Hologram Drops. You can think of these as little care packages of holograms sent with love from us to you.

Every week, we'll be updating this page with new collections of photos, apps, and some experimental stuff that you'll be able to download and view for free, so make sure to check the page regularly for new holograms or sign up for our emails be notified the very second a new collection drops.

Everyone here on the team is so thrilled for this next chapter at Looking Glass Factory, especially as we're refreshing our Twitter and Discord and seeing new holograms pop up every day. We can't wait to see what you make!

Where we're going, we don't need roads. Just holograms💜✨


Nikki & the Looking Glass Factory team <3

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