2024: To the future & beyond 🚀

Hey everyone, saying hello in the new year with a few updates from our team.

January was a busy month for us with the Looking Glass Go Kickstarter coming to a close (over $600,000 raised in a month, topping $1M+ in Looking Glass Go’s sold including our Kibidango campaign). Reminder that if you are coming to us from Japan, we've extended our Kibidango campaign until the end of February so you still have time there to wrap things up.

Kicking off 2024 with CES

We started the year at one of our favorite places in the world— yes, you guessed it. It's Vegas, baby! A few members of the Looking Glass team took to the Vegas floor with the Looking Glass Go at Jellop’s Booth. Special guests were invited up to our suite to preview a smattering of future products. And of course, we partied hard — at the Hardware House Party with our longtime friends at Kickstarter. Holographic photos were taken, holographic joy was spread.

Among some of the CES coverage, we were humbled (and proud) to be named as Best Weird in Wired's Best Of CES list — a true honor and a privilege. (Kids, take this as a PSA that being weird is ok. And sometimes, you might even win awards for it 🏆.) The full articles can be found here (Wired), here (PC Mag), and here (Gizmodo).

MIT Reality Hack 2024

Another year, another MIT Reality Hack up our sleeves!

This year, we sponsored, mentored, and judged projects from over 600 attendees from around the world. Our team hosted three workshops walking hackers through our workflows on Blender, Unity and WebXR and the team at EduVision walked away with the best use of Looking Glass, utilizing them to create immersive 3D visualizations to enhance the learning experience through interactive and spatially realistic content. Read more about their project here. (As I’m writing this, we found out that this project + Looking Glass got a special mention in Harry McCracken’s Fast Company wrap-up of the hackathon here.)

A very special shoutout to Jake Adams (aka ValHolo), artist and creator behind Apid Through the Looking Glass who was kind enough to join us mentoring hackers with using our Unity SDK.

Good Morning, Holograms

There’s nothing more New York than waking up at 3AM on a blistering icy morning and heading into Rockefeller Center to prepare holograms for Al Roker. A huge shoutout to Katie Linendoll for choosing Looking Glass Go to be featured in the Top Tech for 2024, it was a dream come true and a truly special moment. Finally feels like the 3D future is getting closer to mainstream. The full segment (and mention!) down below:

  • Unity Plugin adds URP support - our Unity Plug-in now offers support for Unity’s URP pipelines for projects that require high-quality graphics and improved performance. For a guided walkthrough of all the new updates in v2.0, visit our documentation here. We’d love to see any projects you end up making so be sure to tag us on socials if you do end up sharing!

We are so stoked about this new wave of excitement around spatial computing— we almost can't quite believe that it's all finally taking shape and excited to share more about how Looking Glass fits in this new spatial paradigm. The world is lived in 3D, we're glad to see that our media and displays are finally catching up :) We hope you are all having a wonderful start to the new year. To the future!