#93: Photogrammetry in the Looking Glass

#93: Photogrammetry in the Looking Glass

In addition to the new software tools coming to Looking Glass users in 2020, photogrammetry is another great way to display 3D captures of people and scenes from the real world. Much like volumetric captures, photogrammetry is the result of compiling an assembly of visual feeds in order to generate a single 3D image of a scene. Although the term for this method of capture is as old as photography itself, recent hardware/software advances have made it much easier to create & display photogrammetry in holographic displays like the Looking Glass.

With photogrammetry, it's possible to build Rome in one day. More info here.

If you've been following us on Twitter for a while, you may have seen this jaw-dropping volumetric self portrait made by  cinematographer and photogrammetry artist Azad Balabanian.

If Twitter did a yearly wrap-up the way Spotify does, this would be at the top of my list.

Azad was able to do this by taking two orbital 3D drone captures of himself sitting on a hill. Using RealityCapture, a state-of-the-art photogrammetry program, he compiled the two captures in order to create the multi-view marvel that's now available on our MadeWith site.

“Small and portable drones with high res cameras make a huge impact on capturing spontaneously and without much planning. Like they say, the best camera is the one with you.”

-Azad Balabanian

Azad recently taught a class of young digital creators that also gave us a peak at the future of holographic film making. Four volumetric documentaries made by Tumo Center students are available to launch on your Looking Glass now.

“Filmmaking using 3D engines is only starting to become accessible and relevant for indie filmmakers, especially with technologies like Photogrammetry, [motion capture], and light field displays. It’s also extremely useful to have a film in volumetric to export out 2D, 3D, VR, and light field renders from the same source project.”

-Azad Balabanian

We're excited about photogrammetry because it gives us a way to experience incredibly high-fidelity holograms that feel indistinguishable from our world. If you're interested in using holograms to showcase your volumetric content or photogrammetry send us a message at future@lookingglassfactory.com.

**this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where a few of us in the team at Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display being conjured around the world each day.

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