#57: Holographic Tarot Readings

#57: Holographic Tarot Readings

We've already answered the question of whether or not holograms could help protect wildlife, build a car, or even make you cry. But what if I told you the Looking Glass can help us look deeper into ourselves and glean important insights from our past, present, and future?

Earlier this year, our amazing Developer Experience Engineer, Missy crafted a holographic experience that bridged contemporary tarot readings with her vision of how they'll be performed in the future. Drawing further inspiration from the classic Zoltar Fortune Telling Machines and the myriad of YouTubers dabbling in live readings, the three dimensional divinatory Third Eye came to be.

Using Leap Motion hand tracking, users can touch the Third Eye Psychic Tarot Reader's crystal ball, beginning the experience with their essential question in mind. The Reader then pulls three cards, one representing your past, present, and future. Each time the Reader pulls a card, you are able to reach out and grab it they way you might if you were to get a reading done in person.

Now, in the name of transparency, I must admit that I am an Aquarius, and we are apparently known to approach things with a certain degree of skepticism. Having said that, I played Third Eye three times in a row before writing this, and each time I received a unique reading that spoke (almost uncomfortably) to different aspects of my life.

Experiencing a tarot reading from the comfort of my Looking Glass was great because it makes a very unique and compelling use of both the depth of the display, and used Leap Motion's hand tracking to keep me physically engaged the entire time.

I highly recommend taking the time to get a deeper look into the future and your future by experiencing Third Eye (available on our MadeWith site and Library) today. You can read more about how Third Eye came to be here.

**this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where a few of us in the team at Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display being conjured around the world each day.

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