#43: HoloCrane Game

#43: HoloCrane Game

Crane Game by Twitter user @nkjzm

Growing up, going to the local AMC theater meant three things: seeing a movie, eating popcorn and playing arcade games. But not just any arcade game, specifically the claw crane.

As recently as this past April, I spent about 2,000 JPY allowing my ego to get the best of me, convinced I'd finally experience the sweet sweet victory of beating one of these.

A claw crane is a game that is usually situated in an arcade cabinet. The player(s) use a joystick and button to direct and deploy a claw into a pile of toys, electronics, candy, jewelry, or pretty much anything you can grab. At one point, you could even claw for cigars. Regardless of what you were maybe going to win, one thing has stayed true: nothing beats the satisfaction of getting it right. If you've never beaten one, don't feel bad. They're rigged.

Fear not, I come with good news! You can crane game your heart out in a Looking Glass.

Space Fishing - Crane Game by Jeremy Crapsey

The Looking Glass communicates depth information that allows the player to experience the crane game in its entire glory, and it doesn't dissolve your allowance. Additionally, the creator of the game is not limited to the constraints of an IRL game cabinet, such as cost, physics, and safety.

Crane Game by Twitter user @nkjzm

I'm pretty sure there would be moderate to severe consequences for making a traditional crane game explode - but in the Looking Glass, anything is possible.

**this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where a few of us in the team at Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display being conjured around the world each day.

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