#4: Holo-scope ✨

#4: Holo-scope ✨

The first time you looked through a microscope was probably when your middle school science teacher was teaching you about cell mitosis. We can all agree that that moment was pretty wild — for many of us it was our first time witnessing how complex our world is even on a microscopic scale.

Dr. Simon Scarle, an expert on the intersection between science research and computer games technology, recently tweeted a post of microscopic data that shows us we can now view the atomic world as a 3D hologram.

Seems like Dr. Scarle was doing a solid for his nanoscientist friends at Institute of Materials Nantes, France.

Immersive Science, a company that develops VR-based perceptual experiences of research data, also recently shared a prototype of confocal microscopy data in the Looking Glass.

If you’re like me and a huge a fan of the 1977 Powers of Ten™documentary, then I bet you’re also as excited as I am about the implications of being able to see cellular and atomic level imaging as a 3D image on your table.

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