#32: 🕺🏾Local Holo-player

#32: 🕺🏾Local Holo-player

Local multiplayers are like the disco music of video games. What’s disco without a ton of people dancing in the same room? I’ll give you a hint —

It’s not disco.

But in this case, dancing is playing games on the same screen. People like to go back and forth about whether local multiplayers (and disco) are dead 💀, but the truth is that as long as people like to play games together, they’ll never, ever die 👭.

Local multiplayer games are now something you can play as a 3D hologram. In this post, I’ll highlight two examples of holographic local multiplayers that live beautifully on the Looking Glass.


Anyball is a 2–4 player sports game where the goal is to figure out the rules to score. There are balls, hoops, goal posts, bowling pins — and randomly generated win conditions. It’s been in the indie game scene since it was incubated by the NYU Gamecenter in 2018, and featured internationally at several showcases and indie festivals ever since.

Anyball, all sports … all at once.

The creators of Anyball ported a demo version of their game to the Looking Glass and it’s awesome. The characters are randomly generated from a diverse selection of faces and bodies, you can play with a ps4/xbox controller or with keys on your computer, and players can decide in the “weight room” if they want to play on a team or solo by choosing their jersey color.

Play Anyball on your Looking Glass here.

Ptero Rattle

When Ptero Rattle was submitted to our Library, we were shook. How did such a simple, yet pretty darn fun game just appear out of seemingly no where? It was submitted by Samuli Jääskeläinen who, after I did a little research, turned out to be a seasoned game developer with a ton of games on itch.io.

So makes sense that, for him, making a 1 v 1 pterodactyl fighting game was NBD.

While you can only play this game using controllers, the control scheme is pretty robust. And while the default shot seems to be a fireball from the mouth (like duh), the stage is littered with crates that refresh and stock you with weapons you never imagined in your life you would see a pterodactyl use.

Check it out on the Looking Glass here.

*this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where we from Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display each day.

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