#3: Holo-hack

#3: Holo-hack

The early days of personal computers in the 70s had the Homebrew Computer Club where the Apple 1 was first shown off. The emergence of hobbyist 3D printers a few years ago had Maker Faire. And as of a few months ago, the first self-organized club emerged around desktop holographic displays. It’s called the Looking Glass Study Group, already with an astounding 494 members.

They are having a meeting tonight (7pm JST Friday July 19) and testing the first holographic Youtube livestream to Looking Glasses around the world — so if you’re in Tokyo stop by! Or tune in via hologram with a Looking Glass of your own!

These inventors, programmers, and enthusiasts of the third dimension gather every month or two IRL to share their creations, which often are world-firsts leading the way to the holographic future. The first haptic interfaces with a Looking Glass were demonstrated here — letting you feel the hologram as if it were absolutely real. The first hologram hackathon happened here (which deserves its own post in a few weeks). And yes, most of the world’s supply of holographic anime is coming from this group. More on that in another post in a few weeks too!

A small sample of the creations regularly shared at the Looking Glass Study Group meetings in Tokyo

If you’ve formed a Looking Glass club in your city (or would like to), write me at smf@lookingglassfactory.com. We’re starting to support clubs popping up around the world with loaner Looking Glasses and previews of unreleased beta hardware and software, as we all build the holographic future together.

Next up, #4: Holo-scope.

*this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where Missy Senteio and Shawn Frayne of Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display each day.

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