#28: Holographic Drone Scanning

#28: Holographic Drone Scanning

Drones can pretty much go anywhere, now you can too.

Hi there! My name is Stephen. I’m the new Communications Associate at Looking Glass Factory and I’m excited to talk holograms and of course, the future!

To prepare myself to write this post I took a flight over the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Then I sat back down at my desk in Brooklyn and began typing while sipping the same iced coffee I had at the start of my trip. How can that be? The answer, my friends, is holographic drone scans.

Our friends at 3D Robotics made a series of aerial scans, including my personal favorite Red Rocks, that are available to experience as 3D models via the Looking Glass Made With site. It’s easy to imagine this being important in fields like construction and mining where it’s essential to gauge distance between physical objects, but the magic of drone scans in a Looking Glass doesn’t stop there!

Being able to explore physical spaces from your Looking Glass unlocks a degree of visual storytelling that boasts more emotional depth and feeling, especially when multiple people can experience the same thing at the same time.

Imagine, in the future, being asked about your upbringing. You turn to your Looking Glass, displaying a 3D drone scan of the neighborhood you grew up in, exactly as it looked back in the day. A 3D preservation of your childhood.

Being able to share that experience with someone does more than measuring physical distance, it brings people closer together.

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