#25: Print your hologram

#25: Print your hologram

Use your Looking Glass to proofread 3D Prints! Get to-scale holographic previews of 3D prints, before you print them!

Work by the amazing Dizingof

If you’ve a Looking Glass you can download the 3D Print App now. If you have a 3D printer, this app:

  • provides full-scale interactive print previews
  • provides controls for minor modifications on scale and rotation
  • plates, slices, and prints
  • provides a real-time render of the current print progress in the Looking Glass
  • shows live video of printer bed (if your printer supports it)

If you don’t have a 3D printer, this app integrates with Shapeways so you can instantly order a print of what you see in your Looking Glass with the click of a button.


*While the 3D Print App is designed to integrate with 3D printers and 3D printing services, sometimes you might find you don’t need the print at all. For instance, I met someone recently who bought a $100,000 3D printer to 3D print terrain for purely visualization purposes. Now he can do the same visualization in a Looking Glass, with the holographic output instantly updating in full-color and living at 60 frames a seconds.

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*this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where Missy Senteio and Shawn Frayne of Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display each day.

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