#15: Sculpting holographically

#15: Sculpting holographically

Anything you dream up really can be brought to life inside the blank glass canvas of a Looking Glass. Say, if you’re a ZBrush sculptor. Or, let’s say you like to use an iPad for your three-dimensional creations. Or maybe you create characters in VR using Tilt Brush. Whatever tool you use, you can be sure your digital 3D creations will have, as Bob Ross would say, a happy little place to live using the Looking Glass 3D Model and Animation Importer.

Expert ZBrush artist Nobuaki Fukui shares some of his tips in the video below.

But Fukui-san doesn’t stop with Zbrush alone. Here he uses iPad Pro app Shapr3D with the Looking Glass.


But that’s not all! Then he starts to create wonderful sculptures in VR with tweaks in Zbrush.


Even if you aren’t a super pro like Fukui-san, there are a hundred ways you can start to create holograms for the Looking Glass. Just remember, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” More on one of those ways, VR-to-Hologram, in the next post!

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*this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where Missy Senteio and Shawn Frayne of Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display each day.

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