100 Days of Holograms: The List

100 Days of Holograms: The List

In January 2018 the first holographic desktop display, the Looking Glass, started shipping. Since then, thousands of people around the world have started to do more things with holograms than those of us who designed the technology ever imagined possible. Holographic microscopes, software robots, holo-aquariums, iPhone X holographic photos, volumetric game engines, holograms that you can touch. We’ve made a lot of guesses at what the holographic future might look like over the years as you can see from the illustrations below, and incredibly all of these applications are now becoming real.

So whether you’re an artist, scientist, inventor, photographer, or general lover of the third dimension it’s more than likely that, whoever you are and whatever you do, you could use a Looking Glass, too.

Inspired by this 1981 Apple poster, over the next 100 days Missy Senteio and I will be posting a new use for the Looking Glass every day. These are the creations of thousands of people around the world leading the way towards the wonderful holographic tomorrow. To the future!

100 days of holograms: this table of contents with links to each post will grow over the next 100 or so days)

  1. Houston, we have a hologram 🚀
  2. National Holographic
  3. Holo-hack 🔮+🛠️
  4. Holo-scope
  5. Holographic life forms
  6. Spare the fish, get a holoquarium
  7. Holographic Woolly Mammoths in the Museum of the Future
  8. Holographic Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Holograms Reacting to the World (Part 1 — Light)
  10. Holograms Reacting to the World (Part 2 — Gravity)
  11. Storytelling through the Looking Glass
  12. Holo-Giphy: The GIF That Keeps on Giving
  13. Holographic Music Videos
  14. Holographic Pixar
  15. Sculpting Holographically
  16. Turn a VR sculpture into a hologram
  17. Paint together |VR xx Hologram Part 1
  18. Holographic Audio Visualizers
  19. Hologram & chill with Vimeo’s holographic channel
  20. VR xx Hologram Part 2
  21. A Holographic Viewport for Blender
  22. CT/MRI/4D Ultrasound scans in a holographic display
  23. Holographic Dental Scans
  24. 360° 3D Kandao Holograms
  25. Print your hologram
  26. A Holographic Gray’s Anatomy
  27. Holographic Architecture
  28. Holographic Drone Scanning
  29. Build a Holographic Voxel Game
  30. Etch-A-Hologram
  32. 🕺🏾Local Holo-player
  33. Valley Racer
  34. Holographic Magic Tricks
  35. A Holographic App Store
  36. Holographic Web Browser
  37. Holo-Unity
  38. Real Holograms, Unreal Engine
  39. Food Holography
  40. Holo Clock
  41. Holo Ikea
  42. Holographic Legos
  43. HoloCrane Game
  44. 3D Mapping
  45. Holographic Jewelry
  46. Holographic Shoes
  47. Designing a Car with Holograms
  48. Connecting with Friends Through the Looking Glass
  49. Holographic Football
  50. Holo-Tubing
  51. Holograms You Can Feel
  52. Porn in the age of the hologram
  53. Live forever, as a hologram
  54. Virtual Holographic Friends
  55. Holographic Screenshots
  56. Machine Learning Holograms
  57. Holographic Tarot Readings
  58. Holographic Performance Art
  59. Remastered Holographic Paintings
  60. Hologram'd by Popular Demand
  61. Holographic Birds of a Feather
  62. Holographic Space Exploration
  63. Galleries of Holographic Art
  64. Holographic Deep Fakes
  65. Stop Motion Holograms
  66. Meditating with Holograms
  67. Holographic Moon Landing Simulator
  68. Holographic Airport Security
  69. Holographic Anime Characters
  70. Holo-Tamagotchi
  71. Advertising in the Age of the Hologram
  72. Memories Brought Back to Life with Holograms
  73. Holograms in the Classroom
  74. Immersive Experiences in the Looking Glass
  75. Holographic Platform Games
  76. Horror Games in the Looking Glass
  77. 4D Holograms
  78. Browser-Based Holograms
  79. Holographic 3D Models
  80. Holograms on Steam
  81. Third Party Holographic Tools
  82. Holographic Animojis
  83. Holograms in STEAM
  84. Large-format Holographic Display
  85. Holotourism
  86. Making Music in the Looking Glass
  87. Augmenting Reality with Holograms
  88. Holographic Comic Adventures
  89. Multiplexing Holograms
  90. Holographic Karaoke
  91. Real World Captures in the Looking Glass
  92. Volumetric Holograms
  93. Photogrammetry in the Looking Glass
  94. Moments in 3D
  95. Holographic Family Albums
  96. Holograms from Light Field Capture
  97. Depth Media Player
  98. Holoskype
  99. Holofilms
  100. The Bright & Unwritten Future

*The wonderful illustrations above are by Nicc Balce (Holographic Engine, Holo-rama Museum Hall, Future Dental Lab, and Holo-skype) and Lui Antonio (4D Holographic Ultrasound, Sports Bar of Tomorrow, Virtual Pets, Holaqium). Copyright Looking Glass Factory Inc. If you’d like to use the images above, please write us at info@lookingglassfactory.com.

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